PLASTOMEC, leader in the supply of magnetic drive pumps


As result of the design of the pioneer ARDUINI NELLO on 1968, under the trade mark

the first magnetic drive pumps have been patented and commercialized together with the first models of faucets.

During three generation, in order to answer to the more and more increasing market demands, the company expanded its production, by searching and developing mainly the MAGNETIC DRIVE PUMP field, without disregarding the production of FAUCETS and DOSIMETER BELLOWS PUMPS, which is by now consolidated.

Since 1982 the company changed its trade mark in

During the year, thanks to the continuous appreciation of liability and quality from the customers, PLASTOMEC SRL asserted itself in the Italian and international market.

50 Years of EXPERIENCE

Thanks to the experience of 50 years, today PLASTOMEC srl offers to its customers, with seriousness and competence, a consolidated range of products which are constantly updated and improved through continuous research of new materials and the application of innovative technologies.

All the time the mission of PLASTOMEC is to help the customer in choosing the models with the best materials and performance for each kind of application, in suggesting and suppling solutions for particular technical needs, in assisting the customer during the design of the plant and to guarantee fast and precise deliveries.

The PLASTOMEC srl production is 100% MADE IN ITALY.

PLASTOMEC products are integrally designed, developed and tested by our technical staff. Raw materials and components are purchased only from selected Italian suppliers that guarantee quality and safety according to European standards. The moulding of plastic components, the assembly and most of work is done directly, with a continuous monitoring and verification of the product conformity at all stages.

The direct production enables immediate availability of stock of complete products and spare parts and allows pumps to be assembled with different materials or components fitted to customer requirements.