Dosimeter bellows pumps

Product line


  single and multiple models
  intermittent duty or continuous duty models
 metering up to 10% of the maximum flow
  flow repeatability included in ± 1%
  flow repeatability included in ± 1%


The flow of the dosimeter bellows pumps is adjusted by an accurate mechanical movement which compresses and extends the bellows membrane where the liquid flows into.

The dosimeter action of the bellows is gated by three factors:
1) the bellows diameter
2) RPM of the motor
3) the adjustment of the stroke length obtained by a mechanical system by means of the screwing and the unscrewing of a screw. This adjustment enhance a metering up to 10% of the maximum flow.
The vertical valves are self-levelling and prevent any mistake in metering.

Application fields

Chemical industry
Galvanic industry
Laboratory technique